Others places

P1200596 P1200597 P1200603 P1200609 P1200660  P1200680 P1200696P1200681P1200829P1210012  P1200826 P1200828 P1200691 P1200834 P1200835 P1200877 P1200889 P1200892 P1200931 P1200960 P1200961 P1200992   P1210016 P1210014 P1210047 P1210043 P1210053 P1210054 P1210065 P1210080 P1210076

Piccadilly Circus – Regent Street – Liberty at Regent Street -Theater at Haymarket House Street – St Jame’s Park – Westminster Abbey -Red telephone box – Big Ben – Westminster Abbey – King Albert Memorial at Kensington Gardens – St Margaret Church – Wogen Resources – London Eye – French Coffee – China Town – London Bridge – London Bridge – City Hall – The Royal Armouries – Camden Town – Camden Town – Hyde Park – King Albert Memorial – Royal Albert Hall – Notting Hill – Notting Hill – Notting Hill (oui, ça change et pourtant c’est le même coin) – Notting Hill – St Jame’s Park – Taxis at Little Venice – Une maison, je crois que c’est au St Jame’s Park 


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